Thursday, 11 December 2014

CWRS back in business!

The new issue of The War Correspondent has been published and is in the process of being despatched to all members.
(It has already been sent to digital members)
Contents of Volume 32 Number 1, Dec 2014, is as follows:
7 Steam Tractors and ‘Tracked’ Vehicles in the Crimean War by Major Colin Robins
9 Benjamin Horton dies in the workhouse by Christopher J. Poole
14 Two Sergeants and the Cookhouse of the 8th Hussars by Glenn Fisher
20 George Ryan’s Crimean War Books by Dr. Douglas J. Austin
23 The Cattle Wharf at Balaklava by Dr. David R. Jones
28 Colour Sergeant Daniel Sullivan and his Commission by Tony Margrave
35 Admiral Sir Henry William Bruce by Lisa Nicholson
38 Captain J. J. Brandling, RHA—Forgotten Hero of Balaklava by Lawrence W. Crider
45 Alexis Soyer, Celebrity Chef aka the ‘People’s Chef’ by Diane Oldman
37 ‘Letters from the Light Brigade’ by Anthony Dawson reviewed by Roy Mills
6 The Cholera Belt
11 Crimea Medal Research Project from Mike Hargreave Mawson
12 The Blaise Box by Anonymous
34 The Lost Medal Roll of the 6th Dragoon Guards from Diane Oldman
36 The British Conference for Victorian Studies by Glenn Fisher.

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